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The metro lines, bus tickets, trains and ferries in Naples (Napoli)

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All info about the Naples metro lines, ferries, trains, hop on hop off busses and public transport tickets in the center of Napoli.

Naples Public Transport

Many Naples sights are located in the historic center of Naples (Napoli), but also outside the center are a number of important highlights. Naples' transport options at a glance:

Metro NaplesThe comfortable metro in Naples
Metro NapoliThe beautiful Toledo metro station, a landmark of line 1

1. Naples Metro

The Naples metro network consists firstly of two metro lines of ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità ), namely the most used and central yellow line 1, in addition there is also a purple line 6 which you probably won't use. In addition, the network has four suburban trains of different companies, namely lines 2 to 5. Line 2 in particular has a connection to metro line 1 and stops near several places of interest.

  • Metro line 1 runs every 14 minutes between 6:00 am and 10:30 pm
  • You can buy tickets in the metro stations at a ticket machine or a manned ticket counter. You can choose the following metro tickets when you stay within the city (within the white part of the metro map below):
    • Biglietto corsa singola: metro ticket valid for one journey on one ANM vehicle (not in line 2 to 5) Price: 1.10 euros.
    • Biglietto a tempo valido 90 minuti (biglietti intergrati TIC): metro ticket 90 minutes valid for one or more rides, also of different companies and the funiculars (funicolari). Price: 1.60 euros
    • Biglietto giornaliero (biglietti intergrati TIC): day ticket, unlimited number of rides until midnight, also with different companies and the funicolari. Price: 4.50 euros

Below you will find a link to the Moovit route planner:

Route planner Moovit

Below you will find a link to the detailed map of the Napoli metro and trains:

Naples metro map

Metro Napoli

2. Funicolare (cable cars)

The metro map above also shows four orange lines of the 'Funicolare', or the cable cars of Naples with a total of 14 stations that are ideal for getting on top of the hills. These funiculars are operated by the transport company ANM, which also manages metro line 1. In particular, the 'Funicolare di Montesanto' is widely used by tourists to visit the Castel Sant' Elmo and the Monastery San Martino. You can easily buy tickets for the funicolare from the machines at the station of the funicular. You can choose from the same tickets as described above for the metro.

3. Trains outside the city

Several trains depart from Piazza Garibaldi (Central Station). To book tickets to cities further away such as Rome, Salerno and Caserta it is better to use the Trenitalia route planner. To visit the top attractions Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Vesuvius you are dependent on the Circumvesuviana trains towards Sorrento. In the articles below we tell you exactly how you can visit these attractions by train from Napoli. For other destinations, we recommend using the Moovit route planner below.

Below you will find a link to the Moovit route planner for other destinations:

Route planner Moovit

public transport naplesThe Castel Sant'Elmo is accessible by the 'Funicolare di Montesanto'
Bus NaplesThe Naples Hop on Hop off bus is an easy way to explore the city

4. Hop-on Hop-off bus Napoli

An easy way to discover the city of Naples is with the popular tourist bus. These Naples hop-on hop-off buses have 2 different routes, making it easy to get to the main Naples places of interest with an audio guide.

You can purchase the Hop-on Hop-off tickets here at, where you pay 25 euros per bus ticket and 11.50 euros for children from 5 to 15 years. You can show your online purchased tickets on your mobile on the bus.

  • Line A (Places of the Art): 45-minute route along the highlights of the historic center
  • Line B (Views of the Gulf): 70 minute route along the coast towards Posillipo
  • Map routes

5. To and from Naples airport

Do you want to go from the airport to the center of Naples or vice versa? Because the airport is only 6 kilometers from the city center, you can reach the center of Naples within fifteen minutes by bus, taxi or private transfer. Read all about the transport options from the airport in this article:

Naples Airport Transportation

6. Visiting islands by ferry

ferry NaplesA ferry departing from Naples
Procida ferryProcida is one of the beautiful islands that you can visit by ferry

From the port of Naples, 39 ferries depart daily, mainly to the islands off the coast of Naples, but also to further destinations such as Sicily. In the article about the Naples area you can read more about day trips in the Naples area, such as the beautiful islands Capri, Procida and Ischia which are all within one hour ride by ferry. Choose your desired destination for timetables and ticket reservations:

  • Ferry to Capri, one way 50 minutes and return tickets between 40 and 50 euros
  • Ferry to Ischia, 60 minutes one way and return tickets around 40 euros
  • Ferry to Procida, 40 minutes one way and return tickets between 30 and 40 euros

Or book your ferry tickets directly via the widget below (choose 'Gulf of Napoli first)':

Want to visit the islands of Capri, Procida and/or Ischia with an organized day trip where your ferry tickets are included for you? Then take a look at the excursions below:

Transport in Naples
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