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Lungomare Caracciolo Naples

Via Caracciolo Napoli: stroll the waterfront promenade of Naples


The Lungomare Caracciolo di Napoli is the promenade and boulevard on the coast of Naples from where you have a beautiful waterfront view of the bay and Vesuvius.

Visit Lungomare Naples

Location The official name of the boulevard is 'Via Francesco Caracciolo'. Metro stop 'Piazza Amedeo' of Line 2 is the nearest stop at 500 meters.

Lungomare Caracciolo, boulevard of Naples

The promenade of the Lungomare Carracciolo stretches along the coast of Naples. The boulevard starts at the insertion of Via Acton and then crosses many areas. You will pass through areas such as 'Santa Lucia', where the church di Santa Lucia a Mare is located. And the harbor part of Borgo Marinaio, where you will meet many locals. Also located in Borgo Marinaio is the famous castle Castel dell'Ovo. In addition, you have the area 'Riviera di Chiaia' known for shopping and nightlife. Finally, you have the ascent to the 'Posillipo' district, which takes you to a higher part of the city. In particular, the area around Castel dell'Ovo is the area where you should definitely take an evening stroll during your city trip to Naples.

Why the name Lungomare?

The name Lungomare is dedicated to Admiral Francesco Caracciolo, a historical hero of the Neapolitan Republic. He was executed in the sea near the coast in the late 18th century. Lungomare means the part of a city that has a view of the sea.

Lungomare CaraccioloLungomare Caracciolo, the boulevard at Naples waterfront
Lungomare NaplesFrom Via Lungomare you have a wonderful view of the Mt Vesuvius and Castel dell'Ovo

What else is there to see at Lungomare Caracciolo?

Lungomare Caracciolo's coastline is beautiful and one of the most important symbols is Castel dell'Ovo, which gives you a fantastic panoramic view of the city of Naples. On the left side of the Lungomare you will find the castle, on the right side you will find the heart of Lungomare Caracciolo, namely 'Villa Comunale'. This is a large green (but meanwhile very neglected) area where you can relax, sit on a bench and where children can play openly and freely.

For several years now, the Lungomare Caracciolo has been an area with relatively little traffic (although it is quite busy on weekends with your car being seen on the boulevard). In addition, the boulevard has been accessible to cyclists. The Lungomare Caracciolo is quite a walk, but the views you get and the various activities to do make it worth a visit. A stroll along the boulevard is an unmissable part of your stay in Naples.

Lungomare NapoliLa Fontana Incorniciata on the promenade
LungomareRelax at the Lungomare promenade

Where is Lungomare Caracciolo in Naples?

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