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Teatro di San Carlo - Naples Opera House

The Real Teatro di San Carlo is the opera theater of Naples

Teatro di San Carlo Naples

The Real Teatro di San Carlo Napoli from 1737 is the beautiful theater of Naples and the oldest opera theater in Europe. Tips for your visit:

Info & Tickets Teatro di San Carlo Napoli

Location Via San Carlo, 98, just 200 meters from the metro stop 'Municipio' (Line 1)

You can visit the Teatro di San Carlo in two ways:

1) Attending a performance. For the most actual program and to reserve tickets for a performance, please visit the official website.

2) Joining a tour with an English speaking guide:
  • The San Carlo Theatre tour lasts 30 minutes
  • Thursday to Sunday: at 11:30 am and 3:30 pm
  • Price of guided tour 7 € (more info about bookings)

Teatro di San Carlo, Naples Opera Theater

Next to Naples' well-known Piazza del Plebiscito is the sacred place of Italian opera, Teatro di San Carlo. The foundation of this opera theater in Naples in 1737 predates the La Scala Theater in Milan and 55 years at the La Fenice Theater in Venice. In 1737, the first king of Bourbon, Charles VII, was the promoter of the opera. He wanted to show his power and brought it together in a project with grandeur and wonder. It was Giovanni Antonio Medrano, the architect, who was responsible for the design. The work was outsourced to Angelo Carasale who completed the building in 8 months. The cost was about 75,000 ducats (Italian gold coins).

Teatro di San CarloThe Teatro di San Carlo of Naples
Theater NaplesThe theater of Naples presides with beautiful details

The beginning of Teatro di San Carlo

The design by Giovanni Antonio Medrano was a room of 28.6 x 22.5 meters with 184 boxes spread over 6 floors. In addition, there was a royal box for 10 people. The total number of seats is 1379. The opening night of Teatro di San Carlo was on November 4, 1737. The celebration was with a performance of Achilles in Sciro by Pietro Metastasio, with music by Domenico Sarro. In the 18th century, it was mainly women who played the leading roles in opera. Achilles was interpreted by Vittoria Tesi, the primadonna soprano by Anna Peruzzi and the tenor Angelo Amorevoli.

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Where is the San Carlo Theatre located in Naples?

teatro san carlo napoli
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